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Article: How To Read My Books

An Article by Nsingo

In this article I delve into the key considerations that readers of my books should employ in order that they may gain the fullest level of understanding should they wish to foretell prices. The same methods apply to all Great Works regardless of origin or language.

Proverbs 4:7 states Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

I argue that the only objective way to obtain "understanding" is to read my books in conjunction with watching the images that prices make on a chart. The main detriment for people searching for the secret is that they are incapable of reading a book in order to gain understanding & they are incapable or too lazy to make charts. 

My experience has shown that ALL the necessary information for accurate price forecasting is readily available from any local library in the world and that a gross lack of reading skills on the part of the reader is the culprit that prevents progress. 

Indeed it is possible for the author (i.e me) to be a terrible writer, however, since the author has experienced that which he is trying to impart, he has only an obligation to write things down the way HE understands the subject & not the way that he expects his readers to understand it. So the onus is entirely on the reader to tune his mind into the author's frequency or vibration.

I too was once a terrible reader. In fact I was awful at it. I didn't know it at the time, but I know it now. I would read a book and expect to find the key to forecasting plainly laid down in MY language. I expected the author to be 'skilled enough' to translate his knowledge using my words and my definitions and my sentence structures. Little did I know then that the grams are more valuable than the grammar. I was the typical reader & as such I attained typical results once I finished reading the book. That is - I gained nothing of value.

Trust The Author

Despite my weaknesses I have always had one major strength that prevented me from giving up. That strength is that I TRUSTED authors when they told me that their writings contained "valuable secrets clothed in plain writing"; and that it was "possible to turn metals into gold"; And that the "philosopher that toiled long and hard would attain wealth and riches more precious than gold".

So armed with trust and faith, I vowed never to stop reading a Great Work until I had gained understanding.

So the first and most valuable help I can give the reader is: Trust my books.

Trust yourself

I make no secret that my books exist to help the reader to foretell future prices with a high degree of accuracy. I may sound confident about prediction now, but I wasn't always confident.

I had been brought up to believe that only God or special persons could know the future & that I had no hope of doing it myself. I know this is the case with most of us. We do not see ourselves as "special enough" to be able to do it. We instead convince ourselves that 'such things were possible only during the times before the Holy books were written' and not today.'

My best advice on this one is to force yourself to forget that "it is impossible" & start seeing that you, being a normal person with no special powers, can do it. Erase the self doubt. You did believe it as a child. Adopt that same childish notion if you have to and trust that you, [put your name here] are able to do it, without having to proclaim yourself as the messiah afterwards. If you cannot convince yourself, you will never understand my books.

Hence my second and most sincere help is to remind yourself to trust in you.

Conduct multiple readings.

Unless you have an incredible memory that allows you to recite a book's contents exactly without refering to it again, I suggest that you prepare to read my books multiple times. Once is not enough for the average reader, neither is twice. 

In fact in the beginning I created a personal reading system that allowed me to read the same book in its entirety at least twice in a day. At my most productive I was able to read a book 4 times a day word for word, from the front cover to the back cover. 

When this started to interfere with my work schedule I quit my job as a stockbroker in exchange for a low paid job that allowed me to listen to a self recorded audiobook of the books I intended to master. This allowed me to schedule my reading exactly, throughout each day as well as get paid to learn. In essense I was serious and I put obtaining a high knowledge of the markets over my high salary. 

In his Convivo, Dante shows that he knew about the difficulties that the budding price forecaster would be faced with when it came to carrying out "speculation" or multiple readings of a book. These difficulties he refers to as the "hindrances" caused by the cares of the family and the state; and sloth. 

And we see this to be true even today. We are all consumed with family issues, job commitments, politics etc, which make proper study difficult. But a determined reader will find a way to surmount these challenges.

So my third and most determined advice is therefore: Conduct multiple readings.

Understand my Upbringing

As a young boy growing up with divorced parents that lived in separate countries, I was forced to learn very quickly The Art of Balance.

With my mother residing in Zimbabwe and my father in Zambia, I had to learn to embrace two different cultures & customs at the same time & harmonically oscillate between the two. Now the poor reader will say "they are both African countries so they will be the same". 

The superior reader will however identify that each location has its own language, grammar, dress and general mode of expression. As a result he will UNDERSTAND why at times I may use different modes of expression and use different words when describing one and the same thing. 

In one location "broken english" was acceptable, whilst in the other only "proper english" would do. Understand that I have no limitations on which I use, for they are both a part of my natural mode of expression. Furthermore I have always had friends from all around the world. I began trekking the globe at a very young age so: my knowledge is from everywhere!

I emphasise this because in one place you may see me refer to a stock having a "mass" and in another you may see me refer to a stock having an "inductance". Poor reading disconnects the two whilst, ingenious reading works out the equivalence of the characteristics & the BALANCE of their use. Moreover I may choose to call a capacitor a tunnel thru the air or a Vimana. It's entirely my choice and the great reader shall learn of their links to price regardless of their general conventional definitions.

So the fourth and most emphatic help I can give the reader is: Understand my upbringing.

Understand my Education

It is so very worrying how many people overlook the level knowledge an author has as a key to understanding their books. 

I have an economics degree, but I have to emphasise that in order to fully understand my books, you, dear reader NEED to know all the major sciences to a good degree. I make no apologies for not spelling out every scientific theory for you directly since all that information is widely and freely available for you to learn. So when you read my books, know that I am assuming that you already possess a firm grasp on ALL the major scientific principles and theories. If you do not know them, LEARN THEM. It will take a lot less time that you think.

And oh by the way I studied Latin as well. I was forced to study it in secondary school and found it pretty boring stuff. However it's utility in the price markets is unquestionable, especially when the great reader pays close attention to the placing of pronouns. 

Essentially you should be aiming to be a polymath.

Do not let this discourage you if you believe yourself to not be good at learning. Where you have trouble seek additional help from God. Pray! But not with your eyes closed. Make sure that you have one eye fixated on The Price chart, it will push you to learn and understand everything in the correct and most efficient method.

Thus the fifth and most under appreciated help I can give is: Know of my Education.

Pretend I am dead, Talk to the book

My problem with being an author that is currently alive is that people always wait on my "next book" or "workshop" or "seminar" in the hope that I will just "give the answers" at a later date. So they do nothing with what's already available. 

I used to wait too. It was comfortable, but not very profitable. One day I decided to tackle the words that other dead authors had already put down & translate them for my own understanding. It was tough because I speak a different language compared to say a Shakespeare or a Paracelsus, but eventually I was able to provide myself with the correct word substitutions, which made their works applicable to forecasting.

I talked to their books. I asked them "what do you mean... " ... "but how is that possible... " "Hmmm I'm not sure what you said there... could you say it another way"... "yes but how does this relate to prices"...

I understand it sounds silly, because we know the book does not speak back. However what happens is, your own mind will begin to answer back. It will work in collaboration with a great book to aide you in your instruction. This line of questioning brings the mind within the same bandwidth as the book. That bandwidth itself is where the "conversation with the dead" occurs, and before you know it it will just "come to you".

Many times you will be directed to other books where principles are explained better for your understanding. ‎And other books will be placed in front of you to help you further understand things that I may have explained poorly from your perspective. This push to extrinsic study is built into every great book. Do not ignore it.

So the sixth and most explicit suggestion is: Pretend I'm dead, Talk to the book.

Test and Criticise my books without prejudices.

Do not beginning reading my books unless you intend on testing everything out by actually watching price action from day to day. As much as they seem like leisure reading, they are not. Far from it. They are entirely connected to live price changes & I recommend spending at least one year's worth of watching before challenging their contents.

Most people will never understand my books and that's fine. I have written them with this in mind. The reason they will not understand them is because they use their emotions to judge whether the information in front of them is correct or not. When they do not like something that the books say, they immediately switch their brains off and refuse to absorb anymore information, let alone test the knowledge out. This reaction is purely based on prejudices that the reader has and nothing else. I used to be the emotional reader. I had to change.

It is vital that the superior reader remember that my books' messages relate to the actual causes of price changes & not an opinion on my part. I myself can confess that I do not LIKE my conclusions. However they are what they are, and none of my prejudices can change WHY prices move.

So if the reader is keen to criticise my books I suggest they do it along the following lines (after seeking understanding and actually putting all the principles to the test using a major global price index at the very least):

‎A. You may claim that the books are uninformed or,

B. You may claim that they are misinformed, or

C. You may claim that they are illogical, or

D. You may claim that my analysis is incomplete.

I am happy to entertain any of these criticisms from a reader that has gained understanding and can prove their assertion. If his or her analysis of my books' shortcomings is correct, then that reader will go on to predict price changes to a much greater degree than I could ever hope for. 

I can only extend my support to such a reader, that elevates themselves from being the student, to being the teacher. 

So my seventh and most critical advice is: Test and criticise my books without prejudice.


Regardless of the eventual outcome of your studies I believe that you are now better placed to delve into my books with the right perspective for price forecasting success.

In essence I suggest that you 

1. Trust My Books

2. Trust Yourself

3. Conduct Multiple Readings

4. Understand My Upbringing

5. Understand my Education

6. Pretend I am dead, Talk to the Book

7. Test Criticise my books without prejudice

With that said we have reached the end of this article, which is also the beginning. For more a more in depth way to read a great book I refer you to Mortimer J. Adler's "How To Read A Book" (1940).



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